The Ugly Truth About Contraceptives

WARNING!!! Don’t Take Your Next Contraceptive Pill Until You Read This! Here’s how Contraceptive Gone Wrong: The Untold Story Of A Girl Who Came For An Abortion!

I will never forget how scared she was that fateful day. She knew this was beyond her. It wasn’t something she was going to handle all alone.

She needed help!

Not just any kind of help… But help that would completely eradicate…What was about to mess with her life, Dent the hope of an amazing future and… Totally kill the trust and love her single mum had for her. Heck, she wished the earth could just swallow her up. It was actually a mistake…and truly it was. Maybe, Just maybe. Jane(wrong name) was just a 21-year-old girl living with her mum when she came to see me in my little office one Tuesday afternoon around January 2021.

She had dark skin, and blonde hair, and her eyes were just beautiful. All it radiated was just innocence…deep blue in color. I dunno if she fixed a contact lens…but it was charming.  Honest-to-God, it was. At that time,  She just gained admission into Auchi polytechnic to study Mass communication… Her dream course.

But that joy soon turned to sadness when she discovered she was pregnant (3 weeks gone).

According to her,She knew she was pregnant when she started experiencing some funny symptoms. I mean weakness, fuller breasts, craving for things that didn’t make sense, and occasional vomiting. She confirmed it when she did a urine test using the #100 pregnancy test strip. At that moment… Her eyes were filled with tears when she saw the two red lines. She cried bitterly as her mum was starting to suspect something fishy. She recounted when she had sex the last time with her boyfriend. She remembered vividly well taking Ampiclox and Postinor 2 only a few days later. But she said it wasn’t up to 4days. According to her… She took the Ampiclox the next day after the sex then the Postinor 2 three to four days later. She wasn’t really sure. As she narrated her ordeal to me… I listened carefully.I didn’t know why she had to tell me all her future plans… Her school…Her family… And all that.

  • Maybe she was trying to emotionally blackmail me.
  • Maybe she was looking for pity.
  • But whatever the case, I listened intently.
  • I wanted all the details.
  • Then suddenly she said something.

Doc, this is not the first time I’m using Postinor 2 and Ampiclox Beecham. Sometimes I forget to use them until after 4 days and nothing will happen. I won’t get pregnant.

So why is this one different?

When Jane asked me that question… I looked at her then I stared at my hands on my desk. I caught her running her eyes from my head down to my name written on my ward coat. I knew what Jane wanted. She was not looking for answers to the questions she just asked. She was looking for ways I could help her terminate her pregnancy. I could see it in her eyes. At that point… I told her I couldn’t help her. As the ethics of my profession doesn’t allow it. In less than a minute, I found myself consoling her and wiping her tears in my office. Maybe she wasn’t expecting such a reply from me. Maybe she saw me as a guy man doctor who knew what was up.  And that was it! She left my office and that was the last time I saw her. Obviously, she will seek help somewhere else. Because she was ready to pay any amount to have the pregnancy terminated. You see…

When it comes to the use of contraceptives there are many things most women don’t know.

They think the likes of Postinor 2 can help in all situations. It is not true! They often rely a lot on Ampiclox, salt, and water, Andrews liver salt, lemon, stout, squatting, and urinating after sex you name it. Even lactating mums are not exempted. They feel because they are not menstruating they can’t get pregnant.  It is not true! Except she is willing to nurse a 4months old baby and still be pregnant with another child. Then that’s okay. The subject of the use of contraceptives has been on for years. And it will not go away and as a doctor who has been practicing for more than 3 years… I have seen and heard a lot of trash. And that’s why I have finally decided to write a book on it called:

The Ugly Truth About Contraceptives! (Only For Women In Dire Need Of The Truth)

For the very first time, I will be realizing it to the public.

All the information inside this powerful book is backed by research and from 3 years of experience as a practicing doctor. You also want to be sure if the information inside this book is meant for you or will be of any use to you?

If you’re a man, then that’s fine. You don’t need it. But if you’re a lady… Then be ready to make this ebook your bible. If possible, I advise you to print it out and make it handy. You’re probably saying to yourself…I’ll visit a doctor or see a Pharmacist if I want any knowledge about contraceptives.

You’re right but what if a mistake happens? A mistake that was not intended or intentional? Besides, why go through the stress of answering questions upon questions asked by health professionals each time you call them? When you can just open the book and just find the answers you seek in less than 2minutes?

Imagine yourself equipped with the knowledge you need in every emergency situation as regards the use of contraceptives… Imagine being the go-to person among your group of friends on the best contraceptive to take when there’s no doctor or pharmacist in sight to ask questions. Imagine knowing what to do, what to take, and what not to take when it comes to using contraceptives. I can go on and on….but that’s okay. Now…


  • Once you get this ebook, there won’t be any refund.
  • I can’t go through the stress of creating this ebook…
  • The sleepless night I faced in trying to come up with this information because of my work schedule…
  • And have someone ask for a refund after going through my hardwork..NO WAY!

The Ugly Truth About Contraceptives! (Only For Women In Dire Need Of The Truth)

Dr. Omole U. Author of…

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  2. Menstrual Nightmares(Combating menstrual pain without using the deadly poison called painkillers)
  3. The Unacceptable 25 (For Weight Loss)

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